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  2. papermagazine:

    "sensual ROSE with mildly customizable 6 inch Subway MEATBALL with red onions, black olives, and swiss cheese (Show them you love) Have silly" by Brad Troemel

    Featured the first ever Etsy Biennial, a curated collection of the best (and worst) art etsy has to offer.

  3. Back in my environment.

  4. Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens in “The Invisible Woman”; also his directorial debut. He’s also wearing a great straw hat.

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  6. The Electrical Wires of Old San Juan

  7. Executive Class Video #jfk #nyc

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  9. Back of the Plane

  10. AM Sky Gaze

  11. Found this large box at the terminal. Wonder if it’s on my flight.

  12. "We must confront vague ideas with clear images" #lachinoise #godard #images

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  15. thejogging:

    Girl at her Windows, 2014



    (via accidentalspectator)