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    Official (French) poster.
    Created by René Ferracci

    Notice no more Hulot on the movie poster, which fits the movie theme(s) perfectly. Instead a very stylished ‘play’ of lines to represent Tati’s city of glass and steel.

    “In the first half of Playtime, I direct the people to follow the architect’s guidelines. Everybody is filmed as if moving in straight lines and feeling prisoners of their surroundings. Modern architecture would like typists to sit straight, would like everyone to take themselves very seriously. In the first part of the film, the architecture plays a leading role but gradually, warmth, contact and friendship as well as the individual I defend, take over this international setting and then neon advertisements make their entrance and the world starts to swirl and it all ends up in a merry-go-round. There are no more straight angles at the end of the film.”
    -Jacques Tati-

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    David Merveille - Hulot & Dacky - impression sur papier

    (Source: davidmerveille.blogspot.be)

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    David Merveille - Hulot & Journal - impression sur papier

    (Source: David Merveille - Hulot & Journal - impression sur papier)

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    David Merveille

    Hulot & salle d’attente - impression sur papier

    thehulotuniverse: thanks to all that do not remove original credits.. you have the hulot spirit

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    Joost Swarte
    Jacques Tati, 2011

    Encre de Chine/Oost-Indische inkt & Ecoline - 40 X 40 cm

    Joost Swarte maakte voor een tentoonstelling in Galerie Champaka in Brussel zeven tekeningen waarin het verkeer een hoofdrol speelt. De tekeningen zijn losjes geïnspireerd op Trafic, een van de laatste films van Jacques Tati, en meteen ook een van zijn minder bekende en ietwat ondergewaardeerde films.

    (Source: moorsmagazine.com, via sixtensason)

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    Groucho Marx, 1972, Richard Avedon

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    Nils Ole Lund, The Tower of Babel, After 1970

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    crow: Clouds on Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 4th October 2010.

    36 to 43°S, 274 to 276°E on the highlands south of Solis Planum. The Coracis Fossae are somewhat visible at right running vertically down the image.

    Coracis is derived from corax, the Latin name of the raven; thus the scientific name of the common or northern raven, Corvus corax.

    Animation of 5 monochrome frames, colourized with a composite of 3 visible light images. The colour balance is not naturalistic, but probably close enough here.

    Image credit: ESA. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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