1. Revisiting Benjamin’s Arcades


  2. "I made a burger that tastes like a hot dog"

  3. tajbourgeoispoetry:

       s      s       s      s
         u     u     u    u
          p    p   p   p
            o  o  o  o
              t  t  t  t 
               c c c 
          o c t o p u s
               c c c
              t   t   t
            o    o    o
           p     p     p
         u       u       u
        s        s         s 


  4. spiritandteeth:

    The first tool produced by man at the very instant of becoming man was the stone knife. Human reason produces knives because it works like a knife, and it works like a knife because it produces knives. — Vilém Flusser, Vampyroteuthis Infernalis

    …philosophy is like the attic where, in difficult times, one accumulates resources, lines up tools, and sharpens knives. — Alain Badiou, Infinite Thought 

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  6. white digital space in time

  8. Material-Dialectics

  9. Transmitter Park, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

  10. See-Through

  12. scottlickstein:



    I was thinking about traveling half the distance and then half of that distance and half of the remainder and so on. It seems right only because of an incomplete picture. The original distance is not infinite and we know that we have arrived.

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  14. accidentalspectator:




    "Digital Photo of a Ripped Out Page of an Image of a Reproduction Print of Francisco Goya’s 1784 Oil Painting of Don Manuel Osorio Manrique De Zuniga"

    What is conceptually stale about this?

    Idk I just feel like the idea of image recreation and progressive dilution of art thru reproduction is a cool idea but just too often jumped at with the same perspectives by a lot of artists without anything new being conceptually offered
    Like this is cool and all but I’ve seen a lot of other pieces that convey almost exactly the same concept but nothing new

    We must break away with the new and original and realize the ordinary, everyday, different, and repeated authenticity from our seemingly chronologically progressive ontology as humans.


  15. "Happy Art Labour Day"